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3D stereo Mars images!


This site contains 3D stereo pictures of extremely high quality, carefully hand made by myself and aligned perfectly for red/cyan 3D glasses.

Here is an example:

Click Here!

A hint on viewing these: Give your eyes time to adjust to each picture as you start to view it. Some of these have a very large depth of field and it may take a few seconds for your eyes to line everything up. Just try to relax and "allow" the pictures to come together for you. Also please keep in mind that the rovers' "eyes" especially the pancam are a bit farther apart than most human eyes, so adjusting for close objects is seriously difficult. However, I'm trying my best :)

Also, my e-mail address is -- I'd appreciate feedback, thank you!

Or please sign my guestbook.

From time to time I have to manually update the counter to sync it against the actual site stats. For some reason it doesn't work properly :( 

And here's the first batch! (1-29-04)

These are 3D Stereo images from the Opportunity Rover. They are red/cyan type stereo and they look best with matching glasses. However, red/blue glasses are still usable (they just don't look as good with these pics).

All pictures posted here will be in JPG format unless otherwise stated.

Two pics are Navcam shots, the rest are Pancam. The 2nd letter of the filename tells which camera shot the original pictures. N for Navcam and P for Pancam.


1N128464653 1N128464742 1P128461223 1P128461272 1P128463201 1P128541565 1P128541618 1P128541655 1P128541701 1P128541747 1P128541982 1P128542100

Spirit was jealous and wanted some 3D pics posted too! (1-29-04)

The rover Spirit sent me a telepathic message earlier complaining about Opportunity receiving too much attention. Actually, nothing in that last sentence is true, but it sure makes for good filler :)

Here are 16 new HQ red/cyan 3D images taken by the Spirit!

2F127692694 2F127703379 2N127168412 2N127430378 2P126643353 2P126722673 2P126723443 2P126805609 2P126814218 2P126900875 2P126991781 2P126996768 2P127073265 2P127082056 2P127174889 2R127344074

Also, enjoy two excellent COLOR 3D (still red/cyan viewable) pics made by SAIDias from the IRC channel #maestro!

These are posted here with permission.

Lander_Pan_Sol16-A18R1 Posed Rover Pic (hehe)

A Petition to coax NASA TV into broadcasting more raw feeds (and less static backgrounds hehe).

This is for a good cause so I felt it should be added here.


FREE 3D glasses links!
I found two sites. However, I bought some glasses anyway because they are so cool to give them away for free that I wanted to support them. However, if you don't want to, that's your business hehe.

Rainbow Symphony

Asa's Blog!
I was going to link to his blog anyway because it contains massive amounts of info about the MER missions, etc. However, I was stunned to see the props he's given to my work already! Believe me, this makes me want to work twice as hard on it! Thank you!! His link is in the Navbar on the left. Please go visit him!

A Dozen more Spirit Pics! (1-29-04)
One of these pictures in particular was very hard to align. I'lll leave it to you to figure out which one. :)

2N127786651 2P127338904 2P127338936 2P127338968 2P127339001 2P127339066 2P127339220 2P127339368 2P127339658 2P127515988 2P127518719 2R127604640

Heck, let's make is a baker's dozen, shall we? Here's a bonus shot of the Lander in stereo!

The Lander in Stereo

Seven is a lucky number for Opportunity :) (1-30-04)

Here are seven Opportunity pics in the latest batch, including one of an airbag that I especially love. I hope you enjoy them!

1P128369169 1P128369598 1P128370308 1P128370871 1P128371063 1P128373119 1P128454462

Remember to relax your eyes. It helps, especially on the pictures that have a large depth of field.

NEW test format (red/yellow). Quite experimental, indeed.

Below you'll find a pic of a test format I've been working on. It may or may not fly, who knows. I call it "red/yellow". The idea is to have something compatible with both red/blue and red/cyan glasses. I also am hoping to raise the level of detail (read: sharpness) of black and white 3D photos. Obviously this won't work at ALL for color 3D. However, that's not it's intention.

The pluses of this format that I see so far: Increased image clarity, compatible with both major 3D glasses formats, Increased level of detail. The minus? Everything looks yellow ;)

For those who want to study a pic in 3D however, the fact that it's yellow may not matter much if it allows you to see the details more clearly. At any rate, I could use feedback on this. Please e-mail me your thoughts and ideas at Thank you!

Red/Yellow Format Test Picture #1

Today's Updates! 3 Opportunity and 1 Spirit Image! (2-2-04)
I'm still waiting to get my grubbby paws on the raw Opportunity Egress pictures to play with, but JPL doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry to release them. Therefore, we wait. Meanwhile, here are four new pictures for you to enjoy (I hope)!

1P128449364 1P128455414 1P128458885 2P128947060

9 New Spirit Pictures (2-3-04)

Here are six more in red/cyan and three in "red/yellow" format. More to come soon!

2F127692694 2F127703379 2N127787079 2P127792792 2R127699816 2R127703516s

Experimental "Red/Yellow" Format Pics

2N127786651ry 2P127792792ry 2R127699816ry

Opportunity MI (Microscopic Imaging) pic in pseudo-3D (2-3-04)

In red/cyan and red/yellow formats. Requested by dfj on #maestro.

1M129071300 1M129071300ry

More Opportunity Pics (2-3-04)

Five in this batch! Two in red/cyan and three in red/yellow. Check out that last red/yellow one. It's one of my favorites thus far!

1N128820163 1P128461085

Experimental Red/Yellow Format Pics

1N128820163ry 1P128461085ry 1R128894971ry

Counter change and a personal note...
The counter was actually wrong. It was off (low) by about 600 hits. I adjusted it to match the real stats available to me. It seems the ISP lost a few days of hits or something. Now it is accurate. Thanks for your support!!

Also, people have been asking me if I am the same "Thom Bone" that started the punk rock band called "Butt Trumpet." The answer is yes, I am. However, I have no plans to link this site to the BT web site because I want to keep this site 100% kid safe and parent happy. However, if you want to see and hear that side of me then feel free to e-mail me and I'll fire back the URL of that web site for you.

Another 3D glasses site:

I ordered a pair of their glasses today so I am not yet sure how good they are (but they look to be of decent quality from what I could see on their web site). Anyway, they have a Mars special: $7 for high quality plastic glasses. Check em out!

Yup, I read my e-mail :)

Dear Thom,

Great Pictures! Appreciate your effort here. Hope there are more to come.

I wonder for assessment purposes if you can put the same picture formatted by the different 3-D methods- side by side in one image  or at least located on the webpage to be easily opened rapidly one after the other so that the detail improvement can be appreciated by the viewers. Yellow seems fine for what was only a black and white picture originally.

Best wishes

Anthony, Auckland, New Zealand

Done :) Click the "R/C and R/Y comparison" link in the nav bar! I'll change out the pics from time to time as well so that you can compare different ones.

I put them one above the other. Hopefully makes it easier to compare the two formats. I was going to make a "split" image with one format taking up each half of the picture but found that it's too confusing on the eyes. 

Also, I am not claiming that one format is "better" than the other... far from it.

It's a matter of taste, and purpose, I believe.

Need I say more?
Get Firefox

And stay tuned! More pics coming very soon!

A Massive Update! (2-9-04)

Please sign the guestbook
Good or bad, it's your feedback that drives this web site. I want it to be the most enjoyable possible for you.
You can also e-mail me at if you'd rather do that.
Either way, your feedback is important. It will help me give you the site that you want to see.
Thank you!

2-16-04 Update!
First off, thanks for waiting! Note that the Microscopic imager pic (first one under Sprit red/yellow) is only psuedo-3D... simply because the MI camera is only mono. Also of note, some of the pictures in this set have a very large field of depth. I assure you, they are aligned as best as is humanly possible but you may have to cross your eyes a little to take them all in. :)
Spirit Red/Cyan Format Pics
Spirit Red/Yellow Format Pics
Opportunity Red/Cyan Format Pics
Opportunity Red/Yellow Format Pics

2-24-04 Update!

I am almost exclusively using the red/yellow format for this update (and maybe future ones as well) because I have received a ton of feedback from people saying that they like this format better. Also, one can find red/cyan and red/blue pics all over the place... and I've always aimed to be different ;)

Enjoy today's update!

Spirit Pics

2F130275437ry 2F130275667ry 2N130277549ry 2N130802819 2N130802819ry 2N130811934ry 2P130708307rydeep 2P130797084rydeep 2P130810593rydeep 2R130278273ry

Opportunity Pics

1N130313899ry 1N130763589 1N130763589ry

Copyright Thom Bone - All Rights Reserved. All Mars photos are Copyright JPL/NASA.

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